It's Elletra! (she/her)

Hello! I used to make stuff for Blockland.

This isn't really a professional portfolio or anything—I just wanted to have a page for my projects.


These are some projects I've worked on over the years.

dso.js JavaScript

A DSO decompiler for Blockland v21 written in JavaScript.

I'm gonna be real with you: The code for this thing sucks. It was hacked together in a few weeks when I really didn't know what I was doing and just wanted a working decompiler. It uses absolutely no computer science concepts and was created through bruteforce.

It also uses JavaScript, which is not a good choice.

Blockland Decompiled TorqueScript

These are the default scripts for Blockland v21, decompiled by dso.js.

The code is not pretty, and I had to do some additional hackery in order to make it somewhat more serviceable, but it works.

Playable Instruments TorqueScript

The beloved instruments mod. It lets you play music with other people using a built-in GUI.

You can either play live using your keyboard, or you can write songs and play them back using a custom notation format. You can save these songs either locally or to the server. You can save your keybinds too.

It also adds a modular system for loading instruments, allowing modders to make their own instruments! And if you don't want to enable a certain instrument on your server, simply leave it unchecked in your add-ons list.

I'll admit that I have mixed feelings about this add-on. The code for it is absolutely atrocious and the notation format sucks, but it's still a fun add-on that has brought brought many people (myself included) hours of joy… So it can't be all bad!

Blockland r2033 Liberator C

Patches out certain restrictions from a Blockland v21 r2033 executable.

Some functions in Blockland have passwords, cannot be packaged or overwritten, and/or cannot be called outside of certain .dso files. This program removes those restrictions.

This only works properly for Blockland v21 r2033! It does not check if the executable being patched is the correct version/revision or is even a copy of Blockland. Use at your own risk!

image2brick C

An open source reimplementation of image2brick.

Support_AnimatedTextures TorqueScript

Adds support for animated textures on players, vehicles, static shapes, etc.

This is done using schedules, so don't expect it to be performant—use sparingly.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Decompilation) C

I decompiled BgSpot03Taki for this project. I wanted to contribute more, but unfortunately couldn't due to life circumstances. I'm still proud that I contributed something though.


GitHub: Elletra

Discord: elletra_